Recording Gear - Part 1 

Do you remember that time when you got your first studio set up? I sure do. I got this two dual channel audio interface called the 2i2 and this microphone called the Baby Bottle. Both pieces of gear are just fantastic if you actually know how to use them and what's even better is that they are a great price points for introductory recording experiment. I call it experiment because that's what it has been to me. I plugged it all in to my interface and I just remember getting so ecstatic that I could layer and create on my own without having to pay someone to do so. 

A few years later I was in a band that I had offered to record with my new apollo twin. I don't know what it is about Universal Audio but they just get me so excited about recording. Their plug ins are honestly heavenly and they are just one of my favorite interfaces. 

In the latest EP I have abandoned some of my really nice condenser microphone and challenged myself to sit down with a dynamic microphone SM57 and try and capture the acoustics and lead vocals with. What I took away from this experience was how my ear started to really hear the differences both good and bad of a $2,000 microphone versus a 80 dollar microphone. I'm not talking the obvious ones but I'm talking about the really subtle differences. Even with those differences I still stood by my initial goal and stuck with the sm57 even though at some points I was really tempted to put in the Townsend labs sphere l22 the Slate VMS or the AKG 414. I think the take away here is that in today's age they're is absoustely no reason for an artist to be spending thousands of dollars to record unless they have a backer with deep pockets. It's hard enough to keep gas in the car these days... no need to get suckered into this illusion that you need all this expensive gear to sound good. Sit down, eat some popcorn and experiment on a budget. Those are the best times and outcomes in my cranium. 

On a side note... I am really stoked to share the rest of the EP. I am nursing a sick cat, teaching an ungodly amount and just trying to take life one banana at a time. 

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